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About web proxies servers and anonymous web surfing

It is common to find internet access in schools, public libraries, hospitals of corporate office. However, sometimes that access is not your regular internet connect. You cannot access Facebook or Twitter, for instance. The network at this place is being monitored or filtered to prevent you from visiting some websites (Facebook, Twitter, 4chan, and many more)

There is, however, a simple solution for this. The Proxy server.

There is a variety of reasons why people use them. If you want to improve your security, balance the load on your servers, save bandwidth or skip censorship to view facebook or youtube so how Social Networks.

A  proxy server web is the best solution for you. A proxy works in a way that isolates the elements of web pages such as cookies, ads or JavaScript… protecting you from a third person who might want to track you or censor websites. This solution come handy especially in places such as schools or offices where popular websites such as Facebook or Twitter are forbidden and people using the internal network cannot open these pages.

What is a web proxy server?

Web proxies are sites on the internet that serve to allow connection to internet pages through them. It works in the following way:

  1. First, access a web proxy site.

  2. Type the web address of the site to which you need to visit.

  3. Press the OK button and the connection will be established.

Now this connection will go through the proxy server so it might be a little bit slower than usual, it may take a little more time to do the normal things in your favorite social networks (Facebook, Twitter and so on) however, you can connect perfectly.

A great advantage offered by the use of web proxies and so they are very much in demand, is that they allow you to browse anonymously. Yes, they prevent a third party user to identify the IP address of your connection.

And what is the purpose of proxies? What is the advantage?

Proxies are generally free although they provide a premium paid service too, with more features such as bandwidth, higher speeds and some other stuff. However, if you only need to visit your favorite social networks such as Facebook…you do not need any of that.

Can they block my access to Facebook even if I use a proxy?

Well, if a network administrator detects that many users -in a hospital, a school or a company –are connected to Facebook using proxies, he could easily block the proxy address. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of available Web proxies, so you will always have several proxies available to use.

It is important to know that not all the proxies can connect to Facebook or Twitter. This is because these social networks require a secure protocol known as HTTPS. Only some proxy servers have enabled this feature.

Advantages of surf anonymously on the internet

Of course that method to use a web proxy is valid for access to any site or page that is blocked or censored on the internet, whether Myspace, Tuenti, Badoo or anywhere else as it is very common nowadays.

Many users prefer and need to surf anonymously on the net. Why?

Some web pages gather personal information of its visitors and use it for advertising. Annoying you with ads everywhere or flooding you with spam or junk mail, even tracking your browsing habits through cookies.

In order to stop this and many more inconveniences, we recommend the use of proxies.


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